The following is a listing of various resources that have been collected freely for the benefit of all visitors. We wish you well in your kendo journey!


Kendo Beginner's Guide

Ken To Wa Kokoro Nari

Kendo USA

Online Kendo Guide

Kendo, both Culture and Sport

Kendo World

Shozo Kato

Passing Japan's Hardest Test


Counting, Commands & Glossary of Terms in Kendo

Glossary of Kendo Terminology

Kendo Japanese-English Dictionary

Theory and Technique


Kendo in Slow Motion

Kendo Kata 1-10

Kendo Reader

Kihon Waza Keiko Ho

Kodachi Kata

Omori Sogen Breathing

Reidan Jichi - Ki

Reidan Jichi - Seme

What is Kendo


Hakama Folding Guide

Kendo Equipment Manual

Shinai Assembly

Shinai Maintenance Guide

Shinai Safety & Maintenance

Taking Care of Your Shinai

Ultimate Bogu Purchasing Guide


All Japan Kendo Federation

All US Kendo Federation

Ken-Zen Institute

Shidogakuin Association

NYC Kendo Club

New York Shinbu-kan Kendo Dojo

Sung Moo Kumdo Academy

History and Etiquette

History of Kendo (

The History of Kendo (All Japan Kendo Federation)

About Kendo: Etiquette

Kendo Etiquette


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